Our Story


Founded in 2012 by JoWayne with the help of his older brother, et Sollertis Presents To You A Unique Concept & Incorporates It Into An Everyday Experience. As A Mastermind You Don’t Know What Fear Is, The Unknown Is A Welcomed Thought. You Have To Step Out Of The Norm & Take Risk With No Hesitation. It Is Not A Statement To Be Odd, It's A Lifestyle! 


Growing up in a single parent household, your first goal is to get your mother out the hood and buy her a big mansion. JoWayne grew up like a typical Bronx kid having hoop dreams but that's another story. As a child his mother always taught him and his older brother how to hustle and meet her half way with anything they wanted to purchase. From that he gained his business mindset and he knew he was destined to run his own company one day. 


With the guidance of his aunt, JoWayne was able to fulfill his dream. Without her et Sollertis wouldn't even exist. Designing and learning how to sew brought them closer and it also help break the language barrier between them. With patience she taught him how to sew and helped gain knowledge of the seamsters lifestyle. Her bedroomwas turned into et Sollertis first "manufacturing factory."

 "My goal is to inspire every mastermind through authenticity and timeless styles by stepping out of the everyday norm." -JoWayne